Cirque Us in WRJ!

I went to the Cirque Us! performance in White River Junction yesterday. They performed in the new Barrette Theater for Northern Stage.

What a terrific show! Great clowning, wonderful juggling, amazing aerial acts. Congrats to locals Liam, Sam, and to the rest of the troupe!

Only two shows left in the tour – catch them this afternoon or tonight – Cirque Us! (Cool ticket stub below!)


One word – Smirkus!

We went to the Circus Smirkus show last night in Hanover. It was spectacular.

Every season, I think the show is better than the last, and this was certainly true this time ’round. This year’s theme is “Anchors Away for Atlantis”, so many of the acts have an aquatic flavor.

The clown act — spitting water, of course — was one of the very best I’ve seen. The juggling acts were great, too. I enjoyed several new acrobatic stunts: the silk act where they climbed up a ramp of the fabric was very cool.

My recommendation (duh): Go see it!

Tour Dates and Tickets:

CCA Circus Spectacular in Brattleboro

Lin and I went to the Circus Spectacular in the Brattleboro yesterday. It’s a show put on by the New England Center for Circus Arts. Wow! What a great show. Juggling (of course) plus aerial dance, clowning, trapeze, fabric, Spanish web, all from their professional graduates.

If you ever get a chance to see a show from NECCA, take it.