Donations & Silent Auctions

I would be pleased to donate a juggling lesson as an item for your charitable or non-profit organization’s raffles or silent auctions. I’ll travel to a convenient location for you, and spend 60-90 minutes with a couple dozen people – tweens, teens, and adults.

Here’s a description of the lesson:

A Juggling Lesson!

Have a party, or get your family together! Learn to juggle balls or clubs, spin plates, twirl a lasso, use diablos and devil sticks, or balance any of the other silly props in my bag of tricks.

I’ll teach up to two dozen people how to play with more than one object at a time. We’ll meet for an hour at any convenient location in the Upper Valley.

Can you really learn to juggle in an hour? Lots of people do!

In the past, I’ve donated Juggling Lessons to benefit the following groups:

  • AVA Gallery Auction
  • Montshire Museum Fiddlehead Fling Auction
  • Revels North
  • Howe Library Howel Classic
  • Friends of Hanover Crew
  • Sunapee Rowing Association
  • Rivendell Trails Association
  • Hanover Lions Club
  • Enfield Shaker Museum
  • Sundae at David’s House
  • Hanover High All-Night Graduation Party
  • Lebanon High All-Night Graduation Party
  • Vermont Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
  • Thetford Hill Fair

If you’re interested, please get back to me at

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