Festivals, Events, and Parties

I’m Rich Brown (aka The Juggler Man). I’m available for festivals, events, and parties. I bring a variety of juggling props and other silly equipment, demonstrate how to use them, and let people try their hand at a new skill.

I believe that everybody should have a chance to learn to juggle! Over the last 20 years, I have taught over a thousand people to juggle. My coaching techniques help people learn juggling and other important life skills.

At festivals, those techniques help everybody learn “the secrets” of juggling right out of the gate. If people already know how, they can use my props to show off to their friends.

At parties, I’ll work with a family or up to a couple dozen people who want to learn how to play with more than one object at a time. 

The end result is a crowd of happy kids, adults, and teens all playing, juggling, and smiling. Can you really learn to juggle in an hour? Lots of people do!


  • Outdoors: We can have a good time in a space that’s 25 by 25 feet, but it’s more fun if there’s a little more room to spread out. It’s best if the ground is relatively level and grassy. (Blacktop is more challenging – the balls tend to roll away – but still workable if it’s quite level.)

  • Indoors: I can work in most gyms or public spaces, carpeted or hard floors. It’s better if the ceiling is 10ft or higher.

  • Equipment: None required. I bring all the props.

  • Duration: Between 1 and 4 hours. An hour is enough to engage a crowd. Interest (and fun!) increases as the time goes on.

  • Appearance Fee: Depends on venue and duration. Donations for charitable organizations freely available. Contact me

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