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Hi! My name is Rich Brown, and people call me “The Juggler Man”.

I believe that everybody should have a chance to learn to juggle. If nothing else, it’s one way to get the cobwebs out of your brain. (When was the last time you learned something completely new? I thought so. You should check out juggling…)

I have taught a lot of people to juggle – over a thousand in the past 22 years. It surprises people that it’s possible for a “normal person” to learn a basic three-ball cascade in 20 minutes or so. It’s true.

And I can show you many other tricks: diabolo, devil sticks, plate spinning, rope twirling, poi, and lots more. (Looking for your own equipment? Check my Juggling Props page.)

I live in the Upper Connecticut River Valley of New Hampshire. Sometimes I get invited to fairs and festivals; sometimes I just show up with my box of juggling props. I have a few places I visit regularly. And I am happy to donate juggling lessons for charities. In any event, I hope that we meet soon!

If you’d rather follow me on Facebook, just go to http://facebook.com/TheJugglerMan/ And if you feel the urge to get in contact, please use the form below.

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