Sock Poi

I just got two pairs of sock poi from Home of Poi. They’re very attractive – the royal blue shown on the web site actually matches what I received.

The poi seem durable (we’ll see how they hold up over the summer). The best part is that they were quite inexpensive – about $6 for a pair plus $8 shipping from New Zealand!

Monday Juggling – Only one more day

  1. I went to the Marion Cross School in Norwich yesterday for the penultimate juggling club meeting. Lots of good unicycling and rope spinning.

  2. I got to try out my new sock poi, and they’re really nice. They’re from Home of Poi, who got ’em to me from New Zealand in just about 10 days (!)

  3. Only one week left in the scheduled club. But Mr. Bill says that people are free to come play at the School any time. Hope to see you next Monday at 6:30-8:00pm!